Portuguese Brazilian rights to Long Way Home (Penguin Random House Australia) have been licensed to Grupo Record after a heated auction in Brazil. The book has been adapted to the big screen by British Australian film company See Saw and the film, named Lion, brings Nicole Kidman, Dev Patel and Rooney Mara on the leading roles. Directed by Garth Davis (Top of the Lake), Lion is currently on post-production. (Feb 2016)


Publication rights for Portugal to Maria by Rodrigo Alvarez (Globo Livros) have just been licensed to Porto Editora, who will release the book in the first semester of 2016. Maria was one of the top 10 books in 2015 non-fiction best-seller list in Brazil selling over 90,000 copies since publication. (Feb 2016)


We are delighted to have closed a deal with Porto Editora's imprint Sextante for two titles by best-selling Israeli author Etgar Keret. Missing Kissinger, Keret's second collection of short stories, has gathered critical acclaim from Le Monde, Der Spiegel, La Repubblica and many other renowned publications worldwide, and The Seven Good Years, the author's latest book, has been considered one of the best memoir books of 2015 by The Guardian. (Jan 2016)


Best-selling YA/chiclit Perdida by Brazilian author Carina Rissi, which has sold more than 80,000 copies in Brazil, will be published this year in Portugal by 20 | 20 Editora. (Jan 2016)


Rights to the Brazilian best-selling self-help title Book of Goodness have been sold to Porto Editora, the biggest publishing group in Portugal. The Brazilian edition, released in Dec-2014, has sold 40,000 copies and currently features on Veja's best-selling list. (July 2015)


Outside There is War, a children's version of Anne Frank's diary by Dutch author Janny Van der Mollen, is being released in Brazil by Rocco later this month. The author will be in Brazil taking part of an event celebrating Dutch literature in Rio and São Paulo this September. (July 2015)


The Korean best-selling coloring book The Time Garden by Daria Song is being released this month in Brazil by Sextante and in Portugal by Porto Editora. The book takes the reader into a journey through the doors of a cuckoo clock and into its inky innerworkings to discover a magical land ready and waiting for you to customize with whatever colours you can dream up. (July 2015)


The English edition of Felpo Filva by Eva Furnary is already available for pre-order on Amazon US and UK. Fuzz McFlops will be released worldwide by award-winning London based publisher Pushkin Press next April. Besides that, Chinese Complex rights have just been licensed to Beijing Double Spiral. The poet bunny is for world domination! (January 2015)


One of the Wall Street Journal's "Favorite Mysteries of 2014", Japanese best-selling book Confessions by Kanae Minato will be released in Brazil by Autêntica's imprint Vestígio. 'A Japanese Gone Girl...Confessions will drop your jaw right to the floor. The most delightfully evil book you'll read this year. A gut-wrenching thrill-ride with clean, high-impact language', says Steph Cha from Los Angeles Times. (January 2015)


Bertrand Brasil will publish Zeruya Shalev’s latest novel The Remains of Love, whose rights have been negotiated by us with them on behalf of ITHL. “This outstanding Israeli novel breaks taboos and tells tough truths about the ties that bind ... a hypnotic study of an Israeli family by a novelist of immense talent” – The Independent (October, 2014) / "Zeruya Shalev is an archeologist of the soul.” – Le Monde(October 2014)


We are thrilled with the recent news that Patrick Modiano has been awarded the 2014 Nobel Prize of Literature. Currently, the only book by Modiano currently published in Brazil is Catherine Certitude (Filomena Firmeza), whose rights were negotiated by us with Cosac Naify last year on behalf of Gallimard Jeunesse. In Portugal, Editorial Presença have just won the auction for this title and will publish it next year. (October 2014)


Jane Shemilt’s The Daughter (Penguin), released in the UK last August, has been gathering raving reviews and is one of the 100 best-selling books in Amazon UK. A Sunday Times top five bestseller and Richard & Judy Autumn Book Club pick, the book will be published by Nova Fronteira in Brazil. (October 2014)


Meu pseudônimo e eu (Me and My Pseudonym) by Marco Guimarães is now out in Croatia published by Naklada Ljecak, one of most respected and acknowledged Croatian publishers. An electrifying novel that was shortlisted for the 2012 Portugal Telecom Award. (June 2014)

Tusk Tusk

Brazilian rights to Tusk Tusk by David McKee (Andersen Press) have recently been acquired by Zahar. A modern classic, the book was originally published in 1978 and is a wonderful introduction for small children to themes such as racism, prejudice and tolerance. On top of that, McKee~s illustrations are simply masterful.(June 2014)


Telefone sem fio (Broken Telephone) and Bocejo (Yawning) by Ilan Brenman and Renato Moriconi have just been published in French by ptit Glenat. Ranato Moriconi will be taking part in the official launch of the books during the Salon du Livre in Paris later this month. (March, 2014)


Halens Histories (Tails Throughout Time) published by Cappelenn Damm, has been awarded the Bologna 2014 Opera Prima award. "The Jury felt that this was an astonishingly mature and culturally literate debut. The book explores the proposal, ‘what the world would be like if we all had tails?’ Every aspect of life and relationships is explored in relation to this theme. Lovers gently and coyly entwine their tails, athletes build up their tail muscles in the gym while punks carefully groom theirs into the requisite spikey shapes. The artist skips between colour and black and white, drawing with an eye for anecdotal detail in human interaction.” (February, 2014)

Vida Fora Serie

We are thrilled to have started representing overseas, on behalf of Autentica Editora in Brazil, the best-selling Brazilian teen author Paula Pimenta. Minha vida fora de serie - 2, Paula's latest book, currently occupies the 7th position in Brazil's children's books best-selling list. (August, 2013)

Princesas Pum

We are super excited to have started representing Ilan Brenman overseas. Ilan is one of the most successful authors of children's books in Brazil and his book Até as princesas soltam pum has sold 200,000 copies in Brazil. (Feb 2013)


A delightful book about imagination that should be read by both children and parents. That's Millie's Marvellous Hat (Andersen Press, UK). Written and illustrated by Satoshi Kitamura, winner of the Mother Goose Award and one of the most distinguished illustrators working in the UK today, the book has just been sold to Record, who will publish it in Brazil. (Dec 2012)

Neptune's Tears

Proofs for Neptune’s Tears, a hot new YA title by Piccadilly Press (UK) are now available! This title is the first volume of the Timedance series and has been sold in the USA to Henry Holt for a nearly six figure advance and the German auction has been won by Ars Edition. (Aug 2012)

In Red

We have been appointed by WAB (Poland) to represent them in Brazil. WAB has an impressive list of fiction and non-fiction authors, including Magdalena Tulli, whose book In Red has been shortlisted for the 2012 Best Translated Book Awards. (May 2012)


Agapinho, the children's version of best selling Brazilian title Agape (7.8 million copies sold) has just been published. Together with Agape, we are happy to be promoting it overseas. (March 2012)

Fim Inocencia

Congratulations to our author Francisco Salgueiro, whose best-seller O Fim da Inocencia I is going to its 8th edition. With 9 successuful titles published in his home-country of Portugal, Francisco is definitely one to watch. (August, 2013)


We are delighted with the licensing of Spanish rights to two of Thalita Rebouças best-selling teen novels, Uma fada veio me visitar and Fala sério, mãe! to Vergara & Riba. The Spanish editions will be released in Latin America and the US. Thalita has sold more than 1 million copies of her books in Brazil so far. (Jan 2013)


We are delighted with the news that Hullet / The Hole (Cappelen Damm, Norway) has been nominated for the prestigious Brage Award in the children's book category. The book has already received a lot of attention internationally, and the reviews in Norway are fantastic. So far rights have been sold to French publisher La Joie de Lire, Chinese publisher Anhui and American publisher Enchanted Lion. Torseter won the BolognaRagazzi Award for his picture book Detours in 2008. (Nov 2012)

O meu pseudonimo

We are delighted to be promoting in foreign countries two of the Brazilian authors recently shortlisted for the Portugal Telecom Award 2012, Marco Guimarães for Meu pseudônimo e eu (Octavo) and Hélio Pólvora for Don Solidon. (Casarão do Verbo). (July 2012)


We are delighted to announce that Saudade, written by Claudio Hochman and illustrated by João Vaz de Carvalho (Bags of Books, Portugal), has just been sold in Brazil to Companhia das Letras. Saudade was the winner of the "Award of Excellence" given by the American magazine "Communication Arts" and was one of the highlights this year in the Bologna Book Fair. (May 2012)

Bart Moeyaert

Bart Moeyaert, published by Querido (The Netherlands) and promoted by us in Brazil has been shortlisted for the Hans Christian Andersen Award 2012 (March 2012).


Awarded as the best fiction title in Bologna earlier this year, Eyes by Iwona Chmielewska (Chanbi, Korea) will be published in Brazil by Cosac & Naify. According to the Bologna jury, Eyes is a "luminously hopeful book in which our capacity for sight is a way to the soul and to a new, deeper, more intense humanitas." (July, 2013)

Lonely beast

A beast who drinks tea, bakes cakes and is good at gardening? Yes, this is the lovely main character of Chris Judge's The Lonely Beast and it's sequel, The Brave Beast, which are published in the UK by Andersen Press and have both been acquired by Geração Editorial in Brazil. Chris Judge is an established artist and has had four solo exhibitions in Dublin as well as taking part in group shows in Ireland, UK and U.S.A. This is his debut picture book and his work has been hugely influenced by comic artists. (Dec 2012)

Don Solidon

Congratulations to Hélio Pólvora, whose novel Don Solidon (Casarão do Verbo, Brazil) has been shortlisted for the Prémio do Governo de São Paulo, one of the main literary prizes in Brazil. We are promoting Don Solidon and his previous novel Inúteis luas obscenas in foreign markets. (Aug 2012)


We are pleased to announce that we've just closed the first foreign rights deal for Agapinho. Korean rights were sold to Openhouse for Publishers, who had previously bought Agape. Agapinho is currently number one in the best-selling list in Brazil.

The Few

Hakan Gunday's THE FEW (AZ), promoted by us in Brazil in cooperation with Kalem Agency (Turkey) has now been sold in 13 languages: German (Luchterhand, Random House), French (Galaade), Albanian (Fan Noli), Azerbaijani (Qanun), Bulgarian (Delakort), Croatian (Izvori), Arabic/Egypt (Etrac), Hindi (Bhartiya Anuvad Parishad), Marathi (Popular Prakashan, Korean (The Little seeds), Macedonian (ILI-ILI), Polish (Sonia Draga) and Malaysian (August). (May 2012)

Alfredo Assumpção

Our author Alfredo Assumpção has recently been awarded the Eleanor H. Raynolds award for his contribution to the executive search consultant profession and engagement in volunteering work. (March 2012)